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The Bagalong in action!

Click the photo above to see The Bagalong up close.

The Bagalong's large neckpad and shoulder straps distribute the load evenly no matter how long a trip you have to the kitchen.


No more hand pain or multiple trips to the car.
The Bagalong is the answer!!

Do you struggle to carry your groceries home?

Is the trip from your car to the kitchen just a little too long?

Are you stuck lugging around a cumbersome "old lady" cart to bring your groceries home?

Well your prayers have just been answered!

Introducing, the Bagalong...the revolutionary new device that allows you to carry a large load of groceries while leaving your HANDS FREE! Talk on the phone...get out your keys...open doors...all without having to put your food down on the ground. Click the video below to see the Bagalong in action:

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